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2014Automatic representation of urban terrain models for simulations on the example of VBS2
Bulatov, Dimitri; Häufel, Gisela; Sobrig, Peter; Wernerus, Peter
Conference Paper
2014Context-based automatic reconstruction and texturing of 3D urban terrain for quick-response tasks
Bulatov, Dimitri; Häufel, Gisela; Meidow, Jochen; Pohl, Melanie; Solbrig, Peter; Wernerus, Peter
Journal Article
2012Ad-hoc model acquisition for combat simulation in urban terrain
Bulatov, Dimitri; Solbrig, Peter; Wernerus, Peter
Conference Paper
2011Autonomous geo-referenced aerial reconnaissance for instantaneous applications
Bürkle, Axel; Segor, Florian; Kollmann, Matthias; Schönbein, Rainer; Bulatov, Dimitri; Bodensteiner, Christoph; Wernerus, Peter; Solbrig, Peter
Journal Article
2011Managing heterogeneous networks of mobile and stationary sensors
Bürkle, Axel; Solbrig, Peter; Segor, Florian; Bulatov, Dimitri; Wernerus, Peter; Müller, Sven
Conference Paper
2011Managing security tasks with modular and mobile sensor data processing networks - an integral approach
Solbrig, Peter; Arens, Michael; Bulatov, Dimitri; Jüngling, Kai; Wernerus, Peter; Bürkle, Axel; Segor, Florian; Kollmann, Matthias; Müller, Sven
Conference Paper
2011Multi-view dense matching supported by triangular meshes
Bulatov, Dimitri; Wernerus, Peter; Heipke, Christian
Journal Article