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2013Optimization of metamorphic buffer layers for extended-InGaAs/InP photodetectors
Seifert, S.; Ravash, R.; Franke, D.; Wenning, F.; Zengler, D.; Kießling, F.
Conference Paper
2011Effect of MOVPE growth conditions on the formation of self-organized InAs/InGaAsP/InP quantum dots
Wenning, F.; Künzel, H.; Pohl, U.W.
Conference Paper
2011Effect of the shape of InAs nanostructures on the characteristics of InP-based buried heterostructure semiconductor optical amplifiers
Franke, D.; Kreissl, J.; Rehbein, W.; Wenning, F.; Kuenzel, H.; Pohl, U.W.; Bimberg, D.
Journal Article