Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2013Evaluation of process variables in the alignment factor of Nd-Fe-B magnets made by metal injection molding
Lopes, L.U.; Hartwig, T.; Wendhausen, P.A.P.
Journal Article
2011Study of constant rate and constant force low cycle fatigue methods for solder characterization
Metasch, R.; Rodrigues, G.; Roellig, M.; Wendhausen, P.A.P.; Wolter, K.-J.
Conference Paper
2010Influence of indium on microstructure and creep properties of SnAg3.5InX (X=0,2,4,8) solder alloys
Boareto, J.C.; Metasch, R.; Roellig, M.; Wendhausen, P.A.P.; Wolter, K.J.
Conference Paper
2006Production of composite parts of H13 and 316L by two components injection molding
Carvalho, M.A.; Wendhausen, P.A.P.; Hartwig, T.
Conference Paper