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2019A Compound Control System for FR4-Based Electromagnetic Scanning Micrograting
Yu, F.; Wen, Q.; Lei, H.; Huang, L.; Wen, Z.
Journal Article
2019FR4-based electromagnetic scanning micro-grating integrated with an angle sensor for a low-cost NIR micro-spectrometer
Wen, Q.; Lei, H.; Huang, J.; Yu, F.; Huang, L.; Zhang, J.; Li, D.; Peng, Y.; Wen, Z.
Journal Article
2019A Nonlinear Broadband Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvester Based on Double-Clamped Beam
Lu, Z.; Wen, Q.; He, X.; Wen, Z.
Journal Article
2018AlN film based piezoelectric large-aperture MEMS scanning micromirror integrated with angle sensors
Lei, H.; Wen, Q.; Yu, F.; Li, D.; Shang, Z.; Huang, J.; Wen, Z.
Journal Article
2018FR4-Based Electromagnetic Scanning Micromirror Integrated with Angle Sensor
Lei, H.; Wen, Q.; Yu, F.; Zhou, Y.; Wen, Z.
Journal Article
2018Investigation of Electromagnetic Angle Sensor Integrated in FR4-Based Scanning Micromirror
Wen, Q.; Lei, H.; Yu, F.; Li, D.; She, Y.; Huang, J.; Huang, L.; Wen, Z.
Journal Article
2018A micro-electromechanical systems based vibration energy harvester with aluminum nitride piezoelectric thin film deposited by pulsed direct-current magnetron sputtering
He, X.; Wen, Q.; Lu, Z.; Shang, Z.; Wen, Z.
Journal Article
2018Miniaturized NIR Spectrometer Based on Novel MOEMS Scanning Tilted Grating
Huang, J.; Wen, Q.; Nie, Q.; Chang, F.; Zhou, Y.; Wen, Z.
Journal Article
2017An electromagnetic scanning mirror integrated with blazed grating and angle sensor for a near infrared micro spectrometer
Zhou, Y.; Wen, Q.; Wen, Z.Y.; Huang, J.; Chang, F.
Journal Article
2017Evaluation of purified recombinant spike fragments for assessment of the presence of serum neutralizing antibodies against a variant strain of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus
Hao, J.W.; Zhang, Y.; Fang, S.K.; Wen, Z.F.; Zhang, X.B.; Xue, C.Y.; Cao, Y.C.
Journal Article
2017A low-frequency piezoelectric-electromagnetic-triboelectric hybrid broadband vibration energy harvester
He, X.; Wen, Q.; Sun, Y.; Wen, Z.
Journal Article
2017Mutual Information-Based Tracking for Multiple Cameras and Multiple Planes
Wen, Zhuoman; Kuijper, Arjan; Fraissinet-Tachet, Matthieu; Wang, Yanjie; Luo, Jun
Journal Article
2017Robust, fast and accurate vision-based localization of a cooperative target used for space robotic arm
Wen, Zhuoman; Wang, Yanjie; Luo, Jun; Kuijper, Arjan; Di, Nan; Jin, Minghe
Journal Article
2016Modeling of MOEMS electromagnetic scanning grating mirror for NIR micro-spectrometer
Zhou, Y.; Wen, Q.; Wen, Z.; Yang, T.
Journal Article
2016Multi-camera piecewise planar object tracking with mutual information
Fraissinet-Tachet, Matthieu; Schmitt, Michael; Wen, Zhuoman; Kuijper, Arjan
Journal Article
2011FEM simulation and its application in MEMS design
Jia, C.; Reuter, D.; Wen, Z.; Baum, M.; Wiemer, M.; Gessner, T.
Conference Paper