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2017Ongoing liver inflammation in patients with chronic hepatitis C and sustained virological response
Welsch, C.; Efinger, M.; Wagner, M. von; Herrmann, E.; Zeuzem, S.; Welzel, T.M.; Lange, C.M.
Electronic Publication, Journal Article
2006AC powered reactive magnetron deposition of indium tin oxide (ITO) films from a metallic target
Kupfer, H.; Kleinhempel, R.; Graffel, B.; Welzel, T.; Dunger, T.; Richter, F.; Gnehr, W.-M.; Kopte, T.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2006A controlled pulsed reactive magnetron sputtering process for oxide film deposition
Kupfer, H.; Kleinhempel, R.; Herrmann, M.; Welzel, T.; Richter, F.; Krause, U.; Kopte, T.; Peters, C.; Frach, P.; Cheng, Y.
Conference Paper
2003Influence of aluminum additions on phase-formation in boron- nitride films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Pfeifer, T.; Richter, F.; Welzel, T.; Kupfer, H.; Willich, P.
Journal Article