Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Dependency of human target detection performance on clutter and quality of supporting image analysis algorithms in a video surveillance task
Huber, Samuel; Dunau, Patrick; Wellig, Peter; Stein, Karin
Conference Paper
2016Asynchronous threat awareness by observer trials using crowd simulation
Dunau, Patrick; Huber, Samuel; Stein, Karin; Wellig, Peter
Conference Paper
2015Validation of EOSAR algorithms for blending of objects in SAR-scenes
Hough, Luke; Maresch, Anika; Stanko, Stephan; Frioud, Max; Wellig, Peter
2014Implementation of a 35 GHz SAR sensor and a high resolution camera to enable real-time observation
Johannes, Winfried; Stanko, Stephan; Wahlen, Alfred; Sommer, Rainer; Pohl, Nils; Wellig, Peter; Sennhauser, Christian; Meier, Erich; Kallfass, Ingmar
Conference Paper
2014Processing of MIRANDA35 FMCW-SAR data using a time-domain algorithm
Frioud, Max; Wahlen, Alfred; Wellig, Peter
Conference Paper