Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Accurate Solar Cell Measurements at Low Temperatures using a Cryostat
Siefer, G.; Fehrenbacher, E.; Schachtner, M.; Wekkeli, A.
Conference Paper
2019CPVIndia - Energy Yield Forecasting with PVsyst
Steiner, M.; Wekkeli, A.; Ojha, S.; Sardar, S.; Singh, V.; Singh Sawhney, H.; Singh Chandok, J.; Siefer, G.
Conference Paper
2018Evaluation of 53 kW CPV system in India
Steiner, M.; Bösch, A.; Wekkeli, A.; Ojha, S.; Sardar, S.; Singh, J.; Singh, V.; Singh Chandok, J.; Siefer, G.
2017Mesa Separation of GaInP Solar Cells by Picosecond Laser Ablation
Weber, J.; Klinger, V.; Brand, A.; Gutscher, S.; Wekkeli, A.; Mondon, A.; Oliva, E.; Dimroth, F.
Journal Article
2015Wafer-bonded GaInP/GaAs//Si solar cells with 30% efficiency under concentrated sunlight
Essig, S.; Benick, J.; Schachtner, M.; Wekkeli, A.; Hermle, M.; Dimroth, F.
Journal Article
2014Comparison of direct growth and wafer bonding for the fabrication of GaInP/GaAs dual-junction solar cells on silicon
Dimroth, Frank; Roesener, Tobias; Essig, Stephanie; Weuffen, Christoph; Wekkeli, Alexander; Oliva, Eduard; Siefer, Gerald; Volz, Kerstin; Hannappel, Thomas; Häussler, Dietrich; Jäger, Wolfgang; Bett, Andreas W.
Journal Article
2014Development of high efficiency wafer bonded 4-junction solar cells for concentrator photovoltaic applications
Dimroth, F.; Tibbits, T.N.D.; Beutel, P.; Karcher, C.; Oliva, E.; Siefer, G.; Schachtner, M.; Wekkeli, A.; Steiner, M.; Wiesenfarth, M.; Bett, A.W.; Krause, R.; Gerster, E.; Piccin, M.; Blanc, N.; Munoz Rico, M.; Drazek, C.; Guiot, E.; Wasselin, J.; Arena, C.; Salvetat, T.; Tauzin, A.; Signamarcheix, T.; Hannappel, T.
Conference Paper
2014Next generation of wafer-bonded multi-junction solar cells
Niemeyer, M.; Klinger, V.; Dimroth, F.; Predan, F.; Fuß-Kailuweit, P.; Reinwand, D.; Lackner, D.; Wekkeli, A.; Oliva, E.; Schachtner, M.; Siefer, G.; Bett, A.W.
Conference Paper
2014Wafer Bonded 4-Junction GaInP/GaAs/GaInAsP/GaInAs Concentrator Solar Cells
Krause, R.; Piccin, M.; Munoz Rico, M.; Charles-Alfred, C.; Drazek, C.; Guiot, E.; Dimroth, F.; Bett, A.; Grave, M.; Beutel, P.; Karcher, C.; Tibbits, T.; Oliva, E.; Siefer, G.; Schachtner, M.; Wekkeli, A.; Signamarcheix, T.
Conference Paper
2014Wafer bonded four-junction GaInP/GaAa/GaInAsP/GaInAs concentrator solar cells with 44.7% efficiency
Dimroth, F.; Grave, M.; Beutel, P.; Fiedeler, U.; Karcher, C.; Tibbits, T.N.D.; Oliva, E.; Siefer, G.; Schachtner, M.; Wekkeli, A.; Bett, A.W.; Krause, R.; Piccin, M.; Drazek, C.; Guiot, E.; Ghyselen, B.; Salvetat, T.; Tauzin, A.; Signamarcheix, T.; Dobrich, A.; Hannappel, T.; Schwarzburg, K.; Blanc, N.
Journal Article
2013Fast atom beam-activated n-Si/n-GaAs wafer bonding with high interfacial transparency and electrical conductivity
Essig, S.; Moutanabbir, O.; Wekkeli, A.; Nahme, H.; Oliva, E.; Bett, A.W.; Dimroth, F.
Journal Article
2013Improved grating monochromator set-up for EQE measurements of multi-junction solar cells
Siefer, G.; Gandy, T.; Schachtner, M.; Wekkeli, A.; Bett, A.W.
Conference Paper
2013Realization and characterization of thin single crystal Ge films on sapphire
Bogumilowicz, Y.; Abbadie, A.; Klinger, V.; Benaissa, L.; Gergaud, P.; Rouchon, D.; Maurois, C.; Lecouvey, C.; Blanc, N.; Charles-Alfred, C.; Drouin, A.; Ghyselen, B.; Wekkeli, A.; Dimroth, F.; Carron, V.
Journal Article
2011Development of metamorphic buffer structures for inverted metamorphic solar cells
Klinger, V.; Wekkeli, A.; Roesener, T.; Scheer, M.; Dimroth, F.
Conference Paper
2011Development of Ultra-Thin GaInP/GaAs Space Solar Cells
Klinger, V.; Dreyer, K.; Fehrenbacher, E.; Wekkeli, A.; Oliva, E.; Köstler, W.; Strobl, G.; Dimroth, F.; Baur, C.
Conference Paper
2010MOVPE growth of III-V solar cells on silicon in 300 mm closed coupled showerhead reactor
Roesener, T.; Döscher, H.; Beyer, A.; Brückner, S.; Klinger, V.; Wekkeli, A.; Kleinschmidt, P.; Jurecka, C.; Ohlmann, J.; Volz, K.; Stolz, W.; Hannappel, T.; Bett, A.W.; Dimroth, F.
Conference Paper
2009Current-matched triple-junction solar cell reaching 41.1% conversion efficiency under concentrated sunlight
Guter, W.; Schöne, J.; Philipps, S.P.; Steiner, M.; Siefer, G.; Wekkeli, A.; Welser, E.; Oliva, E.; Bett, A.W.; Dimroth, F.
Journal Article
2009Highest efficiency multi-junction solar cell for terrestrial and space applications
Bett, A.W.; Dimroth, F.; Guter, W.; Hoheisel, R.; Oliva, E.; Philipps, S.P.; Schöne, J.; Siefer, G.; Steiner, M.; Wekkeli, A.; Welser, E.; Meusel, M.; Köstler, W.; Strobl, G.
Conference Paper
2009Metamorphic GaInP/GaInAs/Ge triple-junction solar cells with > 41 % efficiency
Dimroth, F.; Guter, W.; Schöne, J.; Welser, E.; Steiner, M.; Oliva, E.; Wekkeli, A.; Siefer, G.; Philipps, S.P.; Bett, A.W.
Conference Paper
2008Memory effect of Ge in III-V semiconductors
Welser, E.; Guter, W.; Wekkeli, A.; Dimroth, F.
Conference Paper
2006Aufbau eines TLM- und Hall-Messplatzes
Wekkeli, A.