Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Cross-Version Singing Voice Detection in Opera Recordings: Challenges for Supervised Learning
Mimilakis, Stylianos Ioannis; Weiss, Christof; Arifi-Müller, Vlora; Abeßer, Jakob; Müller, Meinard
Conference Paper
2019Investigating CNN-based Instrument Family Recognition for Western Classical Music Recordings
Taenzer, Michael; Abeßer, Jakob; Mimilakis, Stylianos I.; Weiss, Christof; Müller, Meinard; Lukashevich, Hanna
Conference Paper
2018Computational Corpus Analysis: A Case Study on Jazz Solos
Weiß, Christof; Balke, Stefan; Abeßer, Jakob; Müller, Meinard
Conference Paper
2017Computational methods for tonality-based style analysis of classical music audio recordings
Weiß, Christof
: Brandenburg, K.; Müller, M.
2015Automatische Analyse und Klassifizierung von Audiodaten anhand von Tonartverläufen
Gräfe, Robert
: Weiß, Christof (Betreuer); Brandenburg, Karlheinz (Gutachter)
Bachelor Thesis
2015On the impact of key detection performance for identifying classical music styles
Weiß, Christof; Schaab, Maximilian
Conference Paper
2015Tonal complexity features for style classification of classical music
Weiß, Christof; Müller, Meinard
Conference Paper
2014Automatic style classification of jazz records with respect to rhythm, tempo, and tonality
Eppler, Arndt; Männchen, Andreas; Abeßer, Jakob; Weiss, Christof; Frieler, Klaus
Conference Paper
2014Chroma-based scale matching for audio tonality analysis
Weiss, Christof; Habryka, Julian
Conference Paper
2014Quantifying and visualizing tonal complexity
Weiss, Christof; Müller, Meinard
Conference Paper
2014Timbre-invariant audio features for style analysis of classical music
Weiss, Christof; Mauch, Matthias; Dixon, Simon
Conference Paper
2013Global key extraction from classical music audio recordings based on the final chord
Weiss, Christof
Conference Paper