Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Isolation and flow cytometric analysis of immune cells from the ischemic mouse brain
Pösel, Claudia; Möller, Karoline; Boltze, Johannes; Wagner, Daniel-Christoph; Weise, Gesa
Journal Article
2015Arterial hypertension aggravates innate immune responses after experimental stroke
Möller, Karoline; Pösel, Claudia; Kranz, Alexander; Schulz, Isabell; Scheibe, Johanna; Didwischus, Nadine; Boltze, Johannes; Weise, Gesa; Wagner, Daniel-Christoph
Journal Article
2015GCSF for use in the treatment of neurogenic immune suppression and/or prevention of related medical complications
Wagner, Daniel-Christoph; Pösel, Claudia; Weise, Gesa
2014Allometric dose retranslation unveiled substantial immunological side effects of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor after stroke
Wagner, Daniel-Christoph; Pösel, Claudia; Schulz, Isabell; Schicht, Gerda; Boltze, Johannes; Lange, Franziska; Scheibe, Johanna; Möller, Karoline; Weise, Gesa
Journal Article
2014Flow cytometric characterization of brain dendritic cell subsets after murine stroke
Pösel, Claudia; Uri, Anna; Schulz, Isabell; Boltze, Johannes; Weise, Gesa; Wagner, Daniel-Christoph
Journal Article
2014Spontaneous white matter damage, cognitive decline and neuroinflammation in middle-aged hypertensive rats: An animal model of early-stage cerebral small vessel disease
Kaiser, Daniel; Weise, Gesa; Möller, Karoline; Scheibe, Johanna; Pösel, Claudia; Baasch, Sebastian; Gawlitza, Matthias; Lobsien, Donald; Diederich, Kai; Minnerup, Jens; Kranz, Alexander; Boltze, Johannes; Wagner, Daniel-Christoph
Journal Article
2014Transplantation of cryopreserved human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells does not induce sustained recovery after experimental stroke in spontaneously hypertensive rats
Weise, Gesa; Lorenz, Marlene; Pösel, Claudia; Riegelsberger, Ute-Maria; Störbeck, Veronika; Kamprad, Manja; Kranz, Alexander; Wagner, Daniel-Christoph; Boltze, Johannes
Journal Article
2013Object-based analysis of astroglial reaction and astrocyte subtype morphology after ischemic brain injury
Wagner, Daniel-Christoph; Scheibe, Johanna; Glocke, Isabelle; Weise, Gesa; Deten, Alexander; Boltze, Johannes; Kranz, Alexander
Journal Article
2012Impact of age on the efficacy of bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation in experimental stroke
Wagner, Daniel-Christoph; Bojko, Mitja; Peters, Myriam; Lorenz, Marlene; Voigt, Cornelia; Kaminski, Alexander; Hasenclever, D.; Scholz, Markus; Kranz, Alexander; Weise, Gesa; Boltze, Johannes
Journal Article