Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Battery runtime optimization toolbox for wearable biomedical sensors
Tobola, Andreas; Leutheuser, Heike; Schmitz, Björn; Hofmann, Christian; Struck, Matthias; Weigand, Christian; Eskofier, Bjoern M.; Fischer, Georg
Conference Paper
2016Comparison of a sensorized garment and activity trackers with a mobile ergospirometry system concerning energy expenditure
Feilner, Sven; Huber, Andreas; Sauter, Christian; Weishäupl, Dirk; Hettchen, Michael; Kemmler, Wolfgang; Weigand, Christian; Hofmann, Christian
Conference Paper
2015Development and implementation of algorithms for automatic and robust measurement of the 2D:4D digit ratio using image data
Koch, Robert; Haßlmeyer, Erik; Tantinger, Daniel; Rulsch, Martin; Weigand, Christian; Struck, Matthias
Journal Article
2015Risk management for medical devices in research projects
Sauter, Christian; Heinloth, Marion; Pensky, Nadine; Tobola, Andreas; Weigand, Christian
Journal Article
2015Upper body game controller for physically impaired persons based on 3D acceleration data
Huber, Andreas; Koch, Robert; Haßlmeyer, Erik; Rulsch, Martin; Weigand, Christian; Struck, Matthias; Hofmann, Christian
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2012Development of a socio-technical system for an age-appropriate domestic environment
Tantinger, Daniel; Feilner, Sven; Struck, Matthias; Weigand, Christian
Conference Paper
2011HemaCAM® - a computer assisted microscopy system for hematology
Münzenmayer, Christian; Schlarb, Timo; Steckhan, Dirk; Haßlmeyer, Erik; Bergen, Tobias; Aschenbrenner, Stefan; Wittenberg, Thomas; Weigand, Christian; Zerfaß, Thorsten
Book Article
2011Motion sensing: From single sensors to sensor networks
Rulsch, Martin; Arzt, Christian; Feilner, Sven; Jablonski, Simon; Struck, Matthias; Zhong, Jinghua; Tantinger, Daniel; Hofmann, Christian; Weigand, Christian
Book Article
2011Pharmacodynamic modeling of changes in pulse waveform during induction of propofol anaesthesia in volunteers
Jeleazcov, Christian; Tobola, Andreas; Weiss, Michael; Weigand, Christian; Schuettler, Jürgen