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2021Airport capacity extension, fleet investment, and optimal aircraft scheduling in a multilevel market model: Quantifying the costs of imperfect markets
Coniglio, S.; Sirvent, M.; Weibelzahl, M.
Journal Article
2021Electricity Spot Market Design 2030-2050
Ashour Novirdoust, Amir; Bichler, Martin; Bojung, Caroline; Buhl, Hans Ulrich; Fridgen, Gilbert; Gretschko, Vitali; Hanny, Lisa; Knörr, Johannes; Maldonado, Felipe; Neuhoff, Karsten; Neumann, Christoph; Ott, Marion; Richstein, Jörn C.; Rinck, Maximilian; Schöpf, Michael; Schott, Paul; Sitzmann, Amelie; Wagner, Johannes; Wagner, Jonathan; Weibelzahl, Martin
2021How did the German and other European electricity systems react to the COVID-19 pandemic?
Halbrügge, S.; Schott, P.; Weibelzahl, M.; Buhl, H.U.; Fridgen, G.; Schöpf, M.
Journal Article
2021Justice in solar energy development
Heffron, R.; Halbrügge, S.; Körner, M.-F.; Obeng-Darko, N.A.; Sumarno, T.; Wagner, J.; Weibelzahl, M.
Journal Article
2021Not All Doom and Gloom: How Energy-Intensive and Temporally Flexible Data Center Applications May Actually Promote Renewable Energy Sources
Fridgen, G.; Körner, M.-F.; Walters, S.; Weibelzahl, M.
Journal Article
2021Renewable electricity business models in a post feed-in tariff era
Rövekamp, P.; Schöpf, M.; Wagon, F.; Weibelzahl, M.; Fridgen, G.
Journal Article
2021The role of flexibility in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: Contributing to a sustainable and resilient energy future in Europe
Heffron, R.J.; Körner, M.-F.; Schöpf, M.; Wagner, J.; Weibelzahl, M.
Journal Article
2020Industrial demand-side flexibility: A key element of a just energy transition and industrial development
Heffron, R.; Körner, M.-F.; Wagner, J.; Weibelzahl, M.; Fridgen, G.
Journal Article
2020The influence of electric vehicle charging strategies on the sizing of electrical energy storage systems in charging hub microgrids
Haupt, L.; Schöpf, M.; Wederhake, L.; Weibelzahl, M.
Journal Article
2020The insurance effect of renewable distributed energy resources against uncertain electricity price developments
Fridgen, G.; Halbrügge, S.; Olenberger, C.; Weibelzahl, M.
Journal Article
2020Konzept der Energiesynchronisationsplattform. Diskussionspapier V3
Reinhart, Gunther; Bank, Lukas; Brugger, Martin; Hieronymus, Aljoscha; Köberlein, Jana; Roth, Stefan; Bauernhansl, Thomas; Sauer, Alexander; Bauer, Dennis; Kaymakci, Can; Schel, Daniel; Schlereth, Andreas; Fridgen, Gilbert; Buhl, Hans Ulrich; Bojung, Caroline; Schott, Paul; Weibelzahl, Martin; Wenninger, Simon; Weigold, Matthias; Lindner, Martin; Ronge, Karlheinz; Oeder, Andreas; Schimmelpfennig, Jens; Winter, Christian; Jarke, Matthias; Ahrens, Raphael
2020The search for the perfect match: Aligning power-trading products to the energy transition
Fridgen, G.; Michaelis, A.; Rinck, M.; Schöpf, M.; Weibelzahl, M.
Journal Article
2019(How) Can Blockchain Contribute to the Management of Systemic Risks in Global Supply Networks?
Fridgen, Gilbert; Körner, Marc-Fabian; Sedlmeir, Johannes; Weibelzahl, Martin
Conference Paper
2019From Energy Legislation to Investment Determination: Shaping Future Electricity Markets with Different Flexibility Options
Ländner, Eva-Maria; Märtz, Alexandra; Schöpf, Michael; Weibelzahl, Martin
Journal Article
2018The impact of substituting production technologies on the economic demand response potential in industrial processes
Schöpf, Michael; Weibelzahl, Martin; Nowka, Lisa
Journal Article
2016Approaches to congestion management in electricity networks : equilibrium models,mathematical analyses, and computational results
Weibelzahl, M.