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2019Integration of atomically thin layers of transition metal dichalcogenides into high-Q, monolithic Bragg-cavities
Knopf, H.; Lundt, N.; Bucher, T.; Höfling, S.; Tongay, S.; Taniguchi, T.; Watanabe, K.; Staude, I.; Schulz, U.; Schneider, C.; Eilenberger, F.
Journal Article
2019Magnetic-field-induced splitting and polarization of monolayer-based valley exciton polaritons
Lundt, N.; Klaas, M.; Sedov, E.; Waldherr, M.; Knopf, H.; Blei, M.; Tongay, S.; Klembt, S.; Taniguchi, T.; Watanabe, K.; Schulz, U.; Kavokin, A.; Höfling, S.; Eilenberger, F.; Schneider, C.
Journal Article
2015Hyperbolic phonon-polaritons in boron nitride for near-field optical imaging and focusing
Li, P.; Lewin, M.; Kretinin, A.V.; Caldwell, J.D.; Novoselov, K.S.; Taniguchi, T.; Watanabe, K.; Gaussmann, F.; Taubner, T.
Journal Article
2015Lattice-matched 3-junction cell with 1.2-eV InGaAs/GaAsP superlattice middle cell for improved current matching
Sodabanlu, H.; Fujii, H.; Watanabe, K.; Onitsuka, R.; Agui, T.; Juso, H.; Takamoto, T.; Lackner, D.; Dimroth, F.; Bett, A.W.; Sugiyama, M.; Nakano, Y.
Conference Paper
2015Revision of Rec. ITU-R BS.1534
Liebetrau, Judith; Nagel, Frederik; Zacharov, Nick; Watanabe, Kaoru; Colomes, Catherine; Crum, Poppy; Sporer, Thomas; Mason, Andrew
Conference Paper
2014InGaAs/GaAsP strain balanced multi-quantum wires grown on misoriented GaAs substrates for high efficiency solar cells
Alonso-Álvarez, D.; Thomas, T.; Führer, M.; Hylton, N.P.; Ekins-Daukes, N.; Lackner, D.; Philipps, S.P.; Bett, A.W.; Sodabanlu, H.; Fujii, H.; Watanabe, K.; Sugiyama, M.; Nasi, L.; Campanini, M.
Journal Article
19861800 V bipolar-mode MOSFETs. A first application of silicon wafer direct bonding (SDB) technique to apower device
Nakagawa, A.; Watanabe, K.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Ohashi, H.; Furukawa, K.
Conference Paper