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2020The endocannabinoid anandamide has an anti-inflammatory effect on CCL2 expression in vascular smooth muscle cells
Pflüger-Müller, B.; Oo, J.A.; Heering, J.; Warwick, T.; Proschak, E.; Günther, S.; Looso, M.; Rezende, F.; Fork, C.; Geisslinger, G.; Thomas, D.; Gurke, R.; Steinhilber, D.; Schulz, M.; Leisegang, M.S.; Brandes, R.P.
Journal Article
2013Development of near atomically perfect diffraction gratings for EUV and soft X-rays with very high efficiency and resolving power
Voronov, D.L.; Anderson, E.H.; Cambie, R.; Gawlitza, P.; Goray, L.I.; Gullikson, E.M.; Salmassi, F.; Warwick, T.; Yashchuk, V.V.; Padmore, H.A.
Conference Paper
2012Conformal growth of Mo/Si multilayers on grating substrates using collimated ion beam sputtering
Voronov, D.L.; Gawlitza, P.; Cambie, R.; Dhuey, S.; Gullikson, E.M.; Warwick, T.; Braun, S.; Yashchuk, V.V.; Padmore, H.A.
Journal Article