Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Benchmark of methods for annual glare risk assessment
Sepúlveda, A.; Bueno, B.; Wang, T.; Wilson, H.R.
Journal Article
2021How S&T connectivity supports innovation-driven development: An analysis of China's cooperation networks in high and new technology fields
Wang, Tao; Kroll, Henning; Wang, Luwei; Zheng, Xia
Journal Article
2021MD simulation study on defect evolution and doping efficiency of p-type doping of 3C-SiC by Al ion implantation with subsequent annealing
Wu, J.; Xu, Z.; Liu, L.; Hartmaier, A.; Rommel, M.; Nordlund, K.; Wang, T.; Janisch, R.; Zhao, E.
Journal Article
2020Beyond 5G Private Networks: The 5G CONNI Perspective
Strinati, E.C.; Haustein, T.; Maman, M.; Keusgen, W.; Wittig, S.; Schmieder, M.; Barbarossa, S.; Merluzzi, M.; Klessig, H.; Giust, F.; Ronzani, D.; Liang, S.-P.; Luo, J.S.-J.; Chien, C.-Y.; Huang, J.-C.; Huang, J.-S.; Wang, T.-Y.
Conference Paper
2020In-depth comparison of morphology, microstructure, and pathway of char derived from sewage sludge and relevant model compounds
Peng, Chuan; Zhai, Yunbo; Hornung, Andreas; Wang, Bei; Li, Shanhong; Wang, Tengfei; Caiting Li; Zhu, Yun
Journal Article
2020Promoted oxygen reduction kinetics on nitrogen-doped hierarchically porous carbon by engineering proton-feeding centers
Chen, Guangbo; Wang, Tao; Liu, Pan; Liao, Zhongquan; Zhong, Haixia; Wang, Gang; Zhang, Panpan; Yu, Minghao; Zschech, Ehrenfried; Chen, Mingwei; Zhang, Jian; Feng, Xinliang
Journal Article
2019Ar+ ions irradiation induced memristive behavior and neuromorphic computing in monolithic LiNbO3 thin films
Pan, X.; Shuai, Y.; Wu, C.; Zhang, L.; Guo, H.; Cheng, H.; Peng, Y.; Qiao, S.; Luo, W.; Wang, T.; Sun, X.; Zeng, H.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, W.; Ou, X.; Du, N.; Schmidt, H.
Journal Article
2019Molecular engineering of conjugated acetylenic polymers for efficient cocatalyst-free photoelectrochemical water reduction
Sun, Hanjun; Öner, Ibrahim Halil; Wang, Tao; Zhang, Tao; Selyshchev, Oleksandr; Neumann, Christof; Fu, Yubin; Liao, Zhongquan; Xu, Shunqi; Hou, Yang; Turchanin, Andrey; Zahn, Dietrich R.T.; Zschech, Ehrenfried; Weidinger, Inez M.; Zhang, Jian; Feng, Xinliang
Journal Article
2017Efficient hydrogen production on MoNi4 electrocatalysts with fast water dissociation kinetics
Zhang, Jian; Wang, Tao; Liu, Pan; Liao, Zhongquan; Liu, Shaohua; Zhuang, Xiaodong; Chen, Mingwei; Zschech, Ehrenfried; Feng, Xinliang
Journal Article
2017Experimental and analytical modeling of GFRP strengthened grouted mortarless masonry prisms
Huang, Liang; Gao, Chang; Yan, Libo; Li, Xiaoxi; Ma, Gao; Wang, Tianfeng
Journal Article
2014Cleaning of soft-solid soil layers on vertical and horizontal surfaces by stationary coherent impinging liquid jets
Wilson, D.I.; Atkinson, P.; Köhler, H.; Mauermann, Marc; Stoye, H.; Suddaby, K.; Wang, T.; Davidson, J.F.; Majschak, Jens-Peter
Journal Article
2013Surface enhanced infrared spectroscopy with gold strip gratings
Wang, T.; Nguyen, V.H.; Buchenauer, A.; Schnakenberg, U.; Taubner, T.
Journal Article
2010Enhanced fast light in microfiber ring resonator with a Sagnac loop reflector
Wang, T.; Li, X.; Liu, F.; Long, W.; Zhang, Z.; Tong, L.; Su, Y.
Journal Article
1998A concept and system architecture for IT-based lifelong learning
Encarnacao, J.L.; Mengel, M.; Bono, P.R.; Böhm, K.; Borgmeier, E.; Brisson Lopes, J.M.; Hornung, C.; Knierriem-Jasnoch, A.; Koch, E.; Krömker, D.; Lindner, R.; Paris, C.; Sandberg, A.; Schnaider, M.; Storck, D.; Teixeira, J.C.; Urban, B.; Wang, T.
Journal Article
1998Lehren und Lernen im Intranet
Hornung, C.; Schrödter, F.; Wang, T.; Borgmeier, E.
Book Article
1997A Modular Training System (MTS). A System Architecture for Internet-based Learning and Training
Wang, T.; Hornung, C.
Conference Paper
1996Teaching and training in Intra- and Internet
Hornung, C.; Borgmeier, E.; Wang, T.
Conference Paper