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2013The depiction of labeled guidewires in a phantom in an interventional MRI setting
Ariens, M.; Bruhn, R.; Liess, C.; Borm, P.; Cremers, S.; Wasiak, C.; Walter, M. von; Kuhl, C.; Krämer, N.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2010Magnetic resonance-guided cardiac interventions using magnetic resonance-compatible devices
Tzifa, A.; Krombach, G.A.; Krämer, N.; Krüger, S.; Schütte, A.; Walter, M. von; Schaeffter, T.; Qureshi, S.; Krasemann, T.; Rosenthal, E.; Schwartz, C.A.; Varma, G.; Buhl, A.; Kohlmeier, A.; Bücker, A.; Günther, R.W.; Razavi, R.
Journal Article
2006Structural, mechanical and in vitro characterization of individually structured Ti-6Al-4V produced by direct laser forming
Hollander, D.A.; Walter, M. von; Wirtz, T.; Sellei, R.; Schmidt-Rohlfing, B.; Paar, O.; Erli, H.-J.
Journal Article
2005New possibilities for the design and manufacturing of bone implants with external and internal functional architecture
Wirth, T.; Walter, M. von; Schulz, O.; Wissenbach, K.
Conference Paper
2003Development of individual three-dimensional bone substitutes using "Selective Laser Melting"
Hollander, D.A.; Wirtz, T.; Walter, M. von; Linker, R.; Schultheis, A.; Paar, O.
Journal Article