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2015Recess photomask contact lithography and the fabrication of coupled silicon photonic and plasmonic waveguide switches
Markey, L.; Zacharatos, F.; Weeber, J.-C.; Prinzen, A.; Waldow, M.; Nielsen, M.G.; Tekin, T.; Dereux, A.
Journal Article
2013Dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguide components: Going practical. Review
Kumar, A.; Gosciniak, J.; Volkov, V.S.; Papaioannou, S.; Kalavrouziotis, D.; Vyrsokinos, K.; Weeber, J.C.; Hassan, K.; Markey, L.; Dereux, A.; Tekin, T.; Waldow, M.; Apostolopoulos, D.; Avramopoulos, H.; Pleros, N.; Bozhevolnyi, S.I.
Journal Article
2013Low energy routing platforms for optical interconnects using active plasmonics integrated with Silicon Photonics
Vyrsokinos, K.; Papaioannou, S.; Kalavrouziotis, D.; Zacharatos, F.; Markey, L.; Weeber, J.-C.; Dereux, A.; Kumar, A.; Bozhevolnyi, S.I.; Waldow, M.; Giannoulis, G.; Apostolopoulos, D.; Tekin, T.; Avramopoulos, H.; Pleros, N.
Conference Paper