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2012Down-regulation of small rubber particle protein expression affects integrity of rubber particles and rubber content in Taraxacum brevicorniculatum
Hillebrand, A.; Post, J.J.; Wurbs, D.; Wahler, D.; Lenders, M.; Krzyzanek, V.; Prüfer, D.; Gronover, C.S.
Journal Article
2012Proteomic analysis of latex from the rubber-producing plant Taraxacum brevicorniculatum
Wahler, D.; Colby, T.; Kowalski, N.A.; Harzen, A.; Wotzka, S.Y.; Hillebrand, A.; Fischer, R.; Helsper, J.; Schmidt, J.; Schulze Gronover, C.; Prüfer, D.
Journal Article
2011Natural rubber biosynthesis and physic-chemical studies on plant derived latex
Schulze Gronover, C.; Wahler, D.; Prüfer, D.
Book Article
2010Molecular cloning and characterization of rubber biosynthetic genes from taraxacum koksaghyz
Schmidt, T.; Hillebrand, A.; Wurbs, D.; Wahler, D.; Lenders, M.; Gronover, C.S.; Prüfer, D.
Journal Article
2009Polyphenoloxidase silencing affects latex coagulation in taraxacum species
Wahler, D.; Schulze Gronover, C.; Richter, C.; Foucu, F.; Twyman, R.M.; Moerschbacher, B.M.; Fischer, R.; Muth, J.; Prüfer, D.
Journal Article