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2020Mechanical properties of human oral mucosa tissues are site dependent: A combined biomechanical, histological and ultrastructural approach
Choi, J.J.E.; Zwirner, J.; Ramani, R.S.; Ma, S.; Hussaini, H.M.; Waddell, J.N.; Hammer, N.
Journal Article
2019A biomechanical comparison between human calvarial bone and a skull simulant considering the role of attached periosteum and dura mater
Ondruschka, B.; Lee, J.H.C.; Scholze, M.; Zwirner, J.; Tong, D.; Waddell, J.N.; Hammer, N.
Journal Article
2019An Investigation on the Correlation between the Mechanical Properties of Human Skull Bone, Its Geometry, Microarchitectural Properties, and Water Content
Lee, J.H.C.; Ondruschka, B.; Falland-Cheung, L.; Scholze, M.; Hammer, N.; Tong, D.C.; Waddell, J.N.
Journal Article
2018Finite element models and material data for analysis of infant head impacts
Brooks, T.; Choi, J.E.; Garnich, M.; Hammer, N.; Waddell, J.N.; Duncan, W.; Jermy, M.
Journal Article
2012Development of a model mouth containing an artificial tongue to measure the release of volatile compounds
Benjamin, O.; Silcock, P.; Kieser, J.A.; Waddell, J.N.; Swain, M.V.; Everett, D.W.
Journal Article