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2019Effect of Indacaterol/Glycopyrronium on Pulmonary Perfusion and Ventilation in Hyperinflated Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (CLAIM)
Vogel-Claussen, J.; Schönfeld, C.-O.; Kaireit, T.F.; Voskrebenzev, A.; Czerner, C.P.; Renne, J.; Tillmann, H.-C.; Berschneider, K.; Hiltl, S.; Bauersachs, J.; Welte, T.; Hohlfeld, J.M.
Journal Article
2019Mapping of regional lung microstructural parameters using hyperpolarized 129Xe dissolved‐phase MRI in healthy volunteers and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Kern, A.L.; Gutberlet, M.; Voskrebenzev, A.; Klimes, F.; Rotärmel, A.; Wacker, F.; Hohlfeld, J.M.; Vogel-Claussen, J.
Journal Article
2019Regional investigation of lung function and microstructure parameters by localized 129Xe chemical shift saturation recovery and dissolved‐phase imaging
Kern, A.L.; Gutberlet, M.; Qing, K.; Voskrebenzev, A.; Klimes, F.; Kaireit, T.F.; Czerner, C.; Biller, H.; Wacker, F.; Ruppert, K.; Hohlfeld, J.M.; Vogel-Claussen, J.
Journal Article
2019Repeatability of Regional Lung Ventilation Quantification Using Fluorinated (19F) Gas Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Gutberlet, M.; Kaireit, T.F.; Voskrebenzev, A.; Kern, A.L.; Obert, A.; Wacker, F.; Hohlfeld, J.M.; Vogel-Claussen, J.
Journal Article
2018Comparison of quantitative regional ventilation‐weighted fourier decomposition MRI with dynamic fluorinated gas washout MRI and lung function testing in COPD patients
Kaireit, Till F.; Gutberlet, Marcel; Voskrebenzev, Andreas; Freise, Julia; Welte, Tobias; Hohlfeld, Jens M.; Wacker, Frank; Vogel-Claussen, Jens
Journal Article
2018Free-breathing dynamic (19)F gas MR imaging for mapping of regional lung ventilation in patients with COPD
Gutberlet, Marcel; Kaireit, Till F.; Voskrebenzev, Andreas; Lasch, Florian; Freise, Julia; Welte, Tobias; Wacker, Frank; Hohlfeld, Jens M.; Vogel-Claussen, Jens
Journal Article
2018Hyperpolarized 129Xe functional MR imaging to monitor the response of human lungs after segmental lipopolysaccharide challenge
Kern, Agilo Luitger; Biller, Heike; Klimes, Filip; Voskrebenzev, Andreas; Gutberlet, Marcel; Rotärmel, Alexander; Schönfeld, Christian; Renne, Julius; Holz, Olaf; Wacker, Frank; Vogel-Claussen, Jens; Hohlfeld, Jens M.