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2015Integrated all-optical 8-channel OFDM/Nyquist-WDM transmitter and receiver for flexible terabit networks
Kaiser, R.; Gomez Saavedra, B.; Cincotti, G.; Irion, M.; Mitchell, P.; Psaila, N.; Vollrath, G.; Schell, M.
Conference Paper
1996InGaAsP/InP 1.55-micron lasers with chemically assisted ion beam-etched facets
Daleiden, J.; Eisele, K.; Keller, R.; Vollrath, G.; Fiedler, F.; Ralston, J.D.
Journal Article
1995Low-temperature CAIBE processes for InP-based optoelectronics
Daleiden, J.; Eisele, K.; Ralston, J.D.; Fiedler, F.; Vollrath, G.
Conference Paper