Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2012E. coli-Lysate für die zellfreie Proteinsynthese
Herms, K.; Volkwein, W.; Burger-Kentischer, A.; Spielvogel, A.; Oberschmidt, D.; Rupp, S.
Journal Article
2012A liposome system for light-driven ATP-synthesis
Thein, M.; Volkwein, W.; Burger-Kentischer, A.; Rupp, S.; Hirth, T.
Journal Article
2012Multicentre trials for decontamination of fine-lumen PTFE tubes loaded with bacterial endospores by low and atmospheric pressure plasma
Schnabel, U.; Maucher, T.; Köhnlein, J.; Volkwein, W.; Niquet, R.; Trick, I.; Stieber, M.; Müller, M.; Werner, H.P.; Ehlbeck, J.; Oehr, C.; Weltmann, K.D.
Journal Article
2012Technical design of a module for the continuous production of biochemical energy for cell-free protein synthesis
Kahlig, A.; Volkwein, W.; Seyfert, K.; Thein, M.; Hirth, T.; Hansmann, J.
Journal Article
2011Assembly of standardized test specimen for microbial quantification of plasma sterilization processes of fine PTFE tubes as used in thermo sensitive medical devices like flexible endoscopes
Maucher, T.; Schnabel, U.; Volkwein, W.; Köhnlein, J.; Winter, J.; Weltmann, K.-D.; Trick, I.; Oehr, C.
Journal Article