Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2012E. coli-Lysate für die zellfreie Proteinsynthese
Herms, K.; Volkwein, W.; Burger-Kentischer, A.; Spielvogel, A.; Oberschmidt, D.; Rupp, S.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2012A liposome system for light-driven ATP-synthesis
Thein, M.; Volkwein, W.; Burger-Kentischer, A.; Rupp, S.; Hirth, T.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2012Multicentre trials for decontamination of fine-lumen PTFE tubes loaded with bacterial endospores by low and atmospheric pressure plasma
Schnabel, U.; Maucher, T.; Köhnlein, J.; Volkwein, W.; Niquet, R.; Trick, I.; Stieber, M.; Müller, M.; Werner, H.P.; Ehlbeck, J.; Oehr, C.; Weltmann, K.D.
Journal Article
2012Technical design of a module for the continuous production of biochemical energy for cell-free protein synthesis
Kahlig, A.; Volkwein, W.; Seyfert, K.; Thein, M.; Hirth, T.; Hansmann, J.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2011Assembly of standardized test specimen for microbial quantification of plasma sterilization processes of fine PTFE tubes as used in thermo sensitive medical devices like flexible endoscopes
Maucher, T.; Schnabel, U.; Volkwein, W.; Köhnlein, J.; Winter, J.; Weltmann, K.-D.; Trick, I.; Oehr, C.
Journal Article