Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Estimating and abstracting the 3D structure of bones using neural networks on X-ray (2D) images
Cavojska, Jana; Petrasch, Julian; Mattern, Denny; Lehmann, Nicolas J.; Voisard, Agnès; Böttcher, Peter
Journal Article
2017A general system architecture and design for the coordination of volunteers for agile disaster response
Meissen, Ulrich; Fuchs-Kittowski, Frank; Jendreck, Michael; Pfennigschmidt, Stefan; Hardt, Markus; Voisard, Agnes
Conference Paper
2015DOOR: A data model for crowdsourcing with application to emergency response
Cuong, To Tu; Mehta, Paras; Voisard, Agnès
Conference Paper
2015Privacy-preserving crowd incident detection: A holistic experimental approach
Baccelli, Emmanuel; Danilkina, Alexandra; Müller, Sebastian; Voisard, Agnes; Wählisch, Matthias
Conference Paper
2015Spatio-temporal keyword queries for moving objects
Mehta, Paras; Skoutas, Dimitrios; Voisard, Agnes
Conference Paper
2014Area & perimeter surveillance in SAFEST using sensors and the Internet of Things
Baccelli, Emmanel; Bartl, Gabriel; Danilkina, Alexandra; Ebner, Veronika; Gendry, François; Guettier, Christophe; Hahm, Oliver; Kriegel, Ulrich; Hege, Gabriel; Palkow, Mark; Petersen, Hauke; Schmid, T.C.; Voisard, Agnès; Wählisch, Matthias; Ziegler, Hans
2014Towards a general system design for community-centered crisis and emergency warning systems
Meissen, Ulrich; Hardt, Markus; Voisard, Agnès
Conference Paper
2013Clustering spatial data streams for targeted alerting in disaster response
Mehta, Paras; Voisard, Agnes; Müller, Sebastian
Conference Paper
2013GEOCROWD 2013, Second ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Crowdsourced and Volunteered Geographic Information. Proceedings
: Pfoser, Dieter (Ed.); Voisard, Agnes (Ed.)
Conference Proceedings
2013MoveSafe: A framework for transportation mode-based targeted alerting in disaster response
Mehta, Paras; Müller, Sebastian; Voisard, Agnes
Conference Paper
2012Analysis of user mobility data sources for multi-user context modeling
Mehta, Paras; Voisard, Agnes
Conference Paper
2012Targeted alerting in early warning systems
Meissen, Ulrich
: Voisard, Agnès (Gutachter); Dransch, Doris (Gutachter)