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2019A thermometry software tool for monitoring laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy
Bazrafshan, B.; Koujan, A.; Hübner, F.; Leithäuser, C.; Siedow, N.; Vogl, T.J.
Journal Article
2018High-sensitive troponin is associated with subclinical imaging biosignature of inflammatory cardiovascular involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus
Winau, L.; Baydes, R.H.; Braner, A.; Drott, U.; Burkhardt, H.; Sangle, S.; D'Cruz, D.P.; Carr-White, G.; Marber, M.; Schnoes, K.; Arendt, C.; Klingel, K.; Vogl, T.J.; Zeiher, A.M.; Nagel, E.; Puntmann, V.O.
Journal Article
2017Validation of a mathematical model for laser-induced thermotherapy in liver tissue
Hübner, F.; Leithäuser, C.; Bazrafshan, B.; Siedow, N.; Vogl, T.J.
Journal Article
2006Facilitating coronary artery evaluation in MDCT using a 3D automatic vessel segmentation tool
Khan, M.F.; Wesarg, S.; Gurung, J.; Dogan, S.; Maataoui, A.; Brehmer, B.; Herzog, C.; Ackermann, H.; Aßmus, B.; Vogl, T.J.
Journal Article
2006Navigation-based needle puncture of a cadaver using a hybrid tracking navigational system
Khan, M.F.; Dogan, S.; Maataoui, A.; Wesarg, S.; Gurung, J.; Ackermann, H.; Schiemann, M.; Wimmer-Greinecker, G.; Vogl, T.J.
Journal Article
2005Accuracy of biopsy needle navigation using the Medarpa system-computed tomography reality superimposed on the site of intervention
Khan, M.F.; Dogan, S.; Maataoui, A.; Gurung, J.; Schiemann, M.; Ackermann, H.; Wesarg, S.; Sakas, G.; Vogl, T.J.
Journal Article