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2021Domain Adaptation across Configurations of FMCW Radar for Deep Learning Based Human Activity Classification
Khodabakhshandeh, H.; Visentin, T.; Hemangomez, R.; Pütz, M.
Conference Paper
2019Deep Learning-based Object Classification on Automotive Radar Spectra
Patel, K.; Rambach, K.; Visentin, T.; Rusev, D.; Pfeiffer, M.; Yang, B.
Conference Paper
2018Analysis of multipath and DOA detection using a fully polarimetric automotive radar
Visentin, T.; Hasch, J.; Zwick, T.
Journal Article
2018Cross-Polarized Planar Reflector for Polarimetric Radar Calibration at 77 GHz
Visentin, T.; Michev, R.; Hasch, J.; Zwick, T.
Conference Paper
2016Reflector with an electronic circuit and antenna device comprising a reflector
Visentin, Tristan; Keusgen, Wilhelm; Weiler, Richard
2015Dual-polarized square-shaped offset-fed reflectarray antenna with high gain and high bandwidth in the 60 GHz domain
Visentin, T.; Keusgen, W.; Weiler, R.
Conference Paper