Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Quantum cascade laser-based photoacoustic sulfuryl fluoride sensing
Minini, Kariza Mayra Silva; Bueno, Sâmylla Christina Espécie; Silva, Marcelo Gomes da; Sthel, Marcelo Silva; Vargas, Helion; Angster, Judit; Miklós, András
Journal Article
2014Evaluation of nitrous oxide emitted from Diesel/Biodiesel blends during combustion in a Diesel engine at laboratory scale by a photoacoustic spectroscopy technique
Rocha, Aline M.; Sthel, Marcelo S.; Castro, M.P.P. de; Mothé, Geórgia A.; Silva, Wellington C.; Perez, Victor H.; Silva, Marcelo G. da; Miklos, András; Vargas, Helion
Journal Article
2014Sensitive harmonic detection of ammonia trace using a compact photoacoustic resonator at double-pass configuration and a wavelength-modulated distributed feedback diode laser
Lima, Guilherme; Mota, Leonardo; Miklós, András; Angster, Judit; Dubovski, Zlatko; Silva, Marcelo da; Sthel, Marcelo; Vargas, Helion
Journal Article
2012Application of photoacoustic spectroscopy in monitoring emission of C2H4 and CO2 in passion fruit stored under different atmospheres
Figueira Corrêa, Savio; Oliveira, Jurandi Gonçalves de; Santos, W.C.; Souza, A.F.; Vargas, Helion; Silva, Marcelo Gomes; Silva, Marcelo Gomes; Miklós, András
Conference Paper
2012Quantum-cascade laser photoacoustic detection of methane emitted from natural gas powered engines
Rocha, Mila V.; Sthel, Marcelo Silva; Silva, Marcelo Gomes; Paiva, Luisa Brito; Pinheiro, F.W.; Miklós, András; Vargas, Helion
Journal Article
2011Assessment of nonradiative relaxation time and characteristic diffusion time of neodymium, erbium and cobalt doped low silica calcium aluminosilicate glasses
Mota, Leonardo; Sampaio, J.A.; Silva, Marcelo Gomes da; Vargas, Helion
Journal Article
2011Effects of ozone exposure on 'Golden' papaya fruit by photoacoustic phase-resolved method
Figueira Corrêa, Savio; Mota, Leonardo; Paiva, Luisa Brito; Couto, Flávio Mota do; Silva, Marcelo Gomes da; Oliveira, Jurandi Gonçalves de; Sthel, Marcelo Silva; Vargas, Helion; Miklos, András
Journal Article