Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015Table-driven Li-ion battery cell model for BMS development platform
Gulbins, Matthias; Haase, Joachim; Markwirth, Thomas; Uhle, Thomas; Melcher, Andreas; Ziebert, Carlos
2015Virtuelle Entwurfsplattform für Batteriemanagementsysteme
Janz, Thomas; Ou, Jiong; Brugger, Werner; Pan, Xiao; Verhaag, Benno; Hohenhövel, André; Markwirth, Thomas; Uhle, Thomas; Gulbins, Matthias; Dietrich, Manfred; Haase, Joachim
2013Algorithmic approaches for system-level simulation of MEMS and aspects of cosimulation
Schneider, Peter; Clauß, Christoph; Donath, Ulrich; Elst, Günter; Enge-Rosenblatt, Olaf; Uhle, Thomas
Book Article
2012Efficient transient simulation of non-linear dynamic networks with discontinuous forcing
Uhle, Thomas; Elst, Günter
Conference Paper
2010SystemC AMS - holistic analog, digital, hardware and software system-level modeling
Einwich, K.; Uhle, T.
Journal Article
2010A SystemC AMS extension for the simulation of non-linear circuits
Uhle, T.; Einwich, K.
Conference Paper
2010Transmitting TLM transactions over analogue wire models
Schulz, S.; Becker, J.; Uhle, T.; Einwich, K.; Sonntag, S.
Conference Paper
2010Using SystemCAMS for heterogeneous systems modelling at TIER-1 level
Arndt, T.; Uhle, T.; Einwich, K.; Neumann, I.
Conference Paper
2008A supervised learning approach to ambience extraction from mono recordings for blind upmixing
Uhle, T.; Paul, C.
Conference Paper
2007Efficient transient simulation of lossy coupled interconnects in digital communication applications
Uhle, T.; Einwich, K.; Haase, J.
Conference Paper
2007Introduction to SystemC-AMS Library prototype
Uhle, Thomas; Einwich, Karsten
Conference Paper
2006Effiziente Simulation von Logikimpulsen auf verlustbehafteten Mehrfachleitungen
Uhle, T.; Einwich, K.; Haase, J.
Conference Paper