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2020Apparatus and method for source separation using an estimation and control of sound quality
Uhle, Christian; Torcoli, Matteo; Disch, Sascha; Paulus, Jouni; Herre, Jürgen; Hellmuth, Oliver; Fuchs, Harald
2019Audio signal processor, system and methods distributing an ambient signal to a plurality of ambient signal channels
Uhle, Christian; Havenstein, Julia; Hellmuth, Oliver; Höpfel, Marc; Lang, Matthias; Leonard, Timothy; Prokein, Peter
2019Concept for combined dynamic range compression and quided clipping prevention for audio devices
Borsum, Arne; Kratschmer, Michael; Küch, Fabian; Meier, Michael; Neugebauer, Bernhard; Uhle, Christian
2019Source separation for enabling dialogue enhancement in object-based broadcast with MPEG-H
Paulus, Jouni; Torcoli, Matteo; Uhle, Christian; Herre, Jürgen; Disch, Sascha; Fuchs, Harald
Journal Article
2018The Adjustment / Satisfaction Test (A/ST) for the subjective evaluation of dialogue enhancement
Torcoli, Matteo; Herre, Jürgen; Paulus, Jouni; Uhle, Christian; Fuchs, Harald; Hellmuth, Oliver
Conference Paper
2016Apparatus and Method for Enhancing an Audio Signal, Sound Enhancing System
Uhle, Christian; Gampp, Patrick; Hellmuth, Oliver; Varga, Stefan; Scharrer, Sebastian
2016On the effect of artificial distortions on objective performance measures for dialog enhancement
Torcoli, Matteo; Uhle, Christian
Conference Paper
2016A study on the preferred level of late reverberation in speech and music
Paulus, Jouni; Uhle, Christian; Herre, Jürgen; Höpfel, Marc
Conference Paper
2015Direct-ambient decomposition using parametric Wiener filtering with spatial cue control
Uhle, Christian; Habets, Emanuël A.P.
Conference Paper
2012The transient steering decorrelator tool in the upcoming MPEG unified speech and audio coding standard
Kuntz, Achim; Disch, Sascha; Bäckström, Tom; Robilliard, Julien; Uhle, Christian
Conference Paper
2004Further steps towards drum transcription of polyphonic music
Dittmar, Christian; Uhle, Christian
Conference Paper