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2014Automatic detection of subsolid pulmonary nodules in thoracic computed tomography images
Jacobs, C.; Rikxoort, E.M. van; Twellmann, T.; Scholten, E.T.; Jong, P.A. de; Kuhnigk, J.-M.; Oudkerk, M.; Koning, H.J. de; Prokop, M.; Schaefer-Prokop, C.; Ginneken, B. van
Journal Article
2013Evaluation of the effect of computer-aided classification of benign and malignant lesions on reader performance in automated three-dimensional breast ultrasound
Tan, T.; Platel, B.; Twellmann, T.; Schie, G. van; Mus, R.; Grivegnée, A.; Mann, R.M.; Karssemeijer, N.
Journal Article
2012Image processing device for finding corresponding regions in two imgage data sets of an object
Filippatos, K.; Twellmann, T.; Zöhrer, F.; Hahn, H.K.
2011Computer-aided detection of ground glass nodules in thoracic CT images using shape, intensity and context features
Jacobs, C.; Sánchez, C.I.; Saur, S.C.; Twellmann, T.; Jong, P.A. de; Ginneken, B. van
Conference Paper
2011Computer-aided detection of solid and ground glass nodules in thoracic CT images using two independent CAD systems
Jacobs, C.; Murphy, K.; Twellmann, T.; Jong, P.A. de; Ginneken, B.
Conference Paper
2010Concepts for efficient and reliable multi-modal breast image reading
Hahn, H.K.; Harz, M.T.; Seyffarth, H.; Zöhrer, F.; Böhler, T.; Filippatos, K.; Wang, L.; Homeyer, A.; Ritter, F.; Laue, H.; Günther, M.; Twellmann, T.; Tabar, L.K.; Bick, U.; Schilling, K.J.
Conference Paper
2009Assessment of texture analysis on DCE-MRI data for the differentiation of breast tumor lesions
Loose, J.; Harz, M.; Laue, H.; Twellmann, T.; Bick, U.; Rominger, M.; Hahn, H.K.; Peitgen, H.O.
Conference Paper