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20173D-Digitalisiertechnologien im Anwendungsfeld Kulturerbe - Stand, Stellenwert und Perspektiven
Jarke, Matthias; Fellner, Dieter W.; Fuhrmann, Constanze; Toubekis, Georgios; Santos, Pedro
2017Long-term preservation of the physical remains of the destroyed buddha figures in Bamiyan (Afghanistan) using virtual reality technologies for preparation and evaluation of restoration measures
Toubekis, Georgios; Jansen, Michael; Jarke, Matthias
Conference Paper
2010Well-balanced usability & annotation complexity in interactive video semantization
Renzel, D.; Jarke, M.; Klamma, R.; Lottko, M.; Toubekis, G.; Jansen, M.
Conference Paper
2009Virtual campfire - cultural heritage management and presentation on mobile devices based on interoperable cross platform MPEG-7 multimedia web services
Klamma, R.; Toubekis, G.; Cao, Y.; Renzel, D.; Jarke, M.; Jansen, M.
Conference Paper
2006A hypermedia Afghan sites and monuments database
Klamma, R.; Spaniol, M.; Jarke, M.; Cao, Y.; Jansen, M.; Toubekis, G.
Book Article
2006Spatiotemporal thematic maps for sustainable development of heritage site tourism
Cao, Y.; Klamma, R.; Spaniol, M.; Jarke, M.; Toubekis, G.; Jansen, M.
Conference Paper