Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018How electrified car concepts effect automotive logistics
Pawlikowski, Konrad; Toth, Michael; Fruhner, Daniel; Klingebiel, Katja
Conference Paper
2018Impacts of the digitalised car on logistics
Fruhner, Daniel; Klingebiel, Katja; Pawlikowski, Konrad; Toth, Michael
Conference Paper
2017Absatzmotivierte Auslandsproduktion in der Automobilindustrie
Köhne, Florian; Sivakumaran, Thillai; Toth, Michael
Book Article
2016A decision support model for the market development process for emerging markets in the automotive industry
Sivakumaran, Thillai; Heyne, Lia; Toth, Michael
Conference Paper
2015Identification of critical success factors for emerging market entry planning processes in the automotive industry
Sivakumaran, Thillai; Köhne, Florian; Toth, Michael
Conference Paper
2015Market barrier integrated approach for manufacturing footprint decision support
Sivakumaran, Thillai; Sprenger, Phillipp; Toth, Michael; Henke, Michael
Conference Paper
2014A logistics assistant system for customizing market oriented build-to-stock cars for dealers in the automotive industry
Toth, Michael; Müller-von der Ohe, Henrik
2014A Logistics Assistant System for Customizing Market Oriented Build-to-Stock Cars for Dealers in the Automotive Industry
Müller-von der Ohe, Henrik; Schwede, Christian; Toth, Michael
Conference Paper
2012Auf dem Weg zur Energieeffizienz in Logistiknetzwerken
Cirullies, Jan; Toth, Michael; Holtz, Andreas
Journal Article
2012Integrierte Auftragsreihenfolge- und Transportplanung
Schwede, Christian; Toth, Michael; Wagenitz, Axel
Journal Article
2012Intra-simulative ecological assessment of logistics networks: Benefits, concepts, and tool enhancement
Cirullies, Jan; Schwede, Christian; Toth, Michael
Conference Paper
2011Logistic assistance systems for collaborative supply chain planning
Toth, Michael; Bockholt, Felix; Raabe, Wolfgang
Journal Article
2011Rfid-based real-time decision support in supply chains
Hegmanns, Tobias; Toth, Michael
Conference Paper
2009Logistical assistant systems for effective supply chain planning
Toth, Michael; Wagenitz, Axel
Conference Paper
2009Supply chain risk analyses performed by applying logistic assistance systems
Yüzgülec, Gökhan; Wagenitz, Axel; Toth, Michael
Conference Paper