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2013Photo- and thermal-processing of azobenzene-containing star-shaped liquid crystals
Tomczyk, J.; Sobolewska, A.; Nagy, Z.T.; Guillon, D.; Donnio, B.; Stumpe, J.
Journal Article
2012Heterolithic azobenzene-containing supermolecular tripedal liquid crystals self-organizing into highly segregated bilayered smectic phases
Nagy, Z.T.; Heinrich, B.; Guillon, D.; Tomczyk, J.; Stumpe, J.; Donnio, B.
Journal Article
2011Liquid crystalline dendrimers containing photoactive cinnamate units
Vinuales, A.I.; Serrano, J.L.; Gimenez, R.; Pinol, M.; Tomczyk, J.; Stumpe, J.
Journal Article
2010Thin layers of low molecular azobenzene materials with effective light-induced mass transport
Goldenberg, L.M.; Kulikovsky, L.; Kulikovska, O.; Tomczyk, J.; Stumpe, J.
Journal Article
2010Very efficient surface relief holographic materials based on azobenzene-containing epoxy resins cured in films
Goldenberg, L.M.; Kulikovsky, L.; Gritsai, Y.; Kulikovska, O.; Tomczyk, J.; Stumpe, J.
Journal Article