Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Impact of laser structuring on medical-grade titanium: Surface characterization and in vitro evaluation of osteoblast attachment
Borcherding, Kai; Marx, Dennis; Gätjen, Linda; Specht, Uwe; Salz, Dirk; Thiel, Karsten; Wildemann, Britt; Grunwald, Ingo
Journal Article
2019Burst Release of Antibiotics Combined with Long-Term Release of Silver Targeting Implant-Associated Infections
Borcherding, Kai; Marx, Dennis; Gätjen, Linda; Bormann, Nicole; Wildemann, Britt; Specht, Uwe; Salz, Dirk; Thiel, Karsten; Grunwald, Ingo
Journal Article
2019Investigation of the oxide film formed on solid-state sintered silicon carbide ceramics at high anodic potentials
Schneider, Michael; Simunkova, Lenka; Michaelis, Alexander; Noeske, Michael; Aniol, Jonas; Thiel, Karsten
Conference Paper
2018Anodization of aluminum in highly viscous phosphoric acid. PART 1: Investigation of anodic oxide layers by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and in-situ electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (in-situ EIS)
Berndt, Lissy; Kleemeier, Malte; Thiel, Karsten; Hartwig, Andreas; Burchardt, Malte
Journal Article
2018Anodization of aluminum in highly viscous phosphoric acid. PART 2: Investigation of anodic oxide formation and dissolution rates
Berndt, Lissy; Kleemeier, Malte; Thiel, Karsten; Burchardt, Malte; Hartwig, Andreas
Journal Article
2017Chemical characterization of the adhesive secretions of the salamander Plethodon shermani (Caudata, Plethodontidae)
Byern, Janek von; Grunwald, Ingo; Kosok, Max; Saporito, Ralph A.; Dicke, Ursula; Wetjen, Oliver; Thiel, Karsten; Kowalik, Thomas; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina; Borcherding, Kai
Journal Article
2017Giant crystals inside mitochondria of equine chondrocytes
Nürnberger, S.; Rentenberger, C.; Thiel, Karsten; Schädl, B.; Grunwald, Ingo; Ponomarev, I.; Marlovits, S.; Meyer, C.; Barnewitz, D.
Journal Article
2017Microstructural analysis of the modifications in substrate-bound silicon-rich silicon oxide induced by continuous wave laser irradiation
Wang, Nan; Fricke-Begemann, Thomas; Peretzki, Patrick; Thiel, Karsten; Ihlemann, Jürgen; Seibt, Michael
Journal Article
2017Molecular modeling of microporous structures of carbide-derived carbon-based supercapacitors
Schweizer, Sabine; Meißner, Robert Horst; Amkreutz, Marc; Thiel, Karsten; Schiffels, Peter; Landwehr, Johannes; Etzold, Bastian J.M.; Hill, Jörg-Rüdiger
Journal Article
2017Quantitative determination of residual silver distribution in nanoporous gold and its influence on structure and catalytic performance
Mahr, Christoph; Kundu, Paromita; Lackmann, Anastasia; Zanaga, Daniele; Thiel, Karsten; Schowalter, Marco; Schwan, Martin; Bals, Sara; Wittstock, Arne; Rosenauer, Andreas
Journal Article
2016Characterization of the Fishing Lines in Titiwai (=Arachnocampa luminosa Skuse, 1890) from New Zealand and Australia
Byern, Janek von; Dorrer, Victoria; Merritt, David J.; Chandler, Peter; Stringer, Ian; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina; McNaughton, Andrew; Cyran, Norbert; Thiel, Karsten; Noeske, Michael; Grunwald, Ingo
Journal Article
2016Control of reaction mechanisms in cationically polymerized epoxy resins facilitates the adjustment of morphology and mechanical properties
Arnebold, Andre; Plander, Florian; Thiel, Karsten; Wellmann, Stefanie; Hartwig, Andreas
Journal Article
2016Coordination complexes and one-step assembly of lignin for versatile nanocapsule engineering
Bartzoka, Elisavet D.; Lange, Heiko; Thiel, Karsten; Crestini, Claudia
Journal Article
2016Functional pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for local anodization of aluminium surfaces
Berndt, Lissy; Hartwig, Andreas; Kleemeier, Malte; Krieger, Antonina; Thiel, Karsten; Burchardt, Malte
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2016Lysosomal iron liberation is responsible for the vulnerability of brain microglial cells to iron oxide nanoparticles: Comparison with neurons and astrocytes
Petters, Charlotte; Thiel, Karsten; Dringen, Ralf
Journal Article
2016Novel biocompatible adhesive for intrarenal embedding and endoscopic removal of small residual fragments after minimally invasive stone treatment in an ex vivo porcine kidney model: Initial evaluation of a prototype
Hein, Simon; Schoenthaler, Martin; Wilhelm, Konrad; Schlager, Daniel; Thiel, Karsten; Brandmann, Maria; Richter, Katarina; Grunwald, Ingo; Weterauer, Ulrich; Miernik, Arkadiusz
Journal Article
2015Dental implants coated with a durable and antibacterial film
Vogel, Konstantin; Westphal, Nina; Salz, Dirk; Thiel, Karsten; Wittig, Linda; Colombi Ciacchi, Lucio; Grunwald, Ingo
Journal Article
2015Influence of copper layer on epoxy acrylate based solder mask surface chemistry and the effect on epoxy adhesion
Hofmeister, Caroline; Maaß, Sebastian; Fladung, Thorsten; Thiel, Karsten; Mayer, Bernd
Journal Article
2015Morphological adjustment determines the properties of cationically polymerized epoxy resins
Arnebold, Andre; Thiel, Karsten; Kentzinger, Emmanuel; Hartwig, A.
Journal Article
2014Maxwell-Garnett theory - a method to investigate the quality of SiOx coatings
Wald, Stefanie; Thiel, Karsten; Mayer, Bernd; Vissing, Klaus
Journal Article
2011Structural manipulation of colloidal silica
Roose, Jesse; Rischka, Klaus; Thiel, Karsten; Hartwig, Andreas
Journal Article