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2014Experimental implementation of a silicon wafer tandem solar cell
Gimpel, T.; Kontermann, S.; Buck, T.; Baumann, A.L.; Günther, K.M.; Wefringhaus, E.; Mihailetchi, V.; Lemp, E.; Rudolph, D.; Theobald, J.; Schade, W.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2013Extended study on short pulse laser ablation of dielectric layers with UV and VIS laser wavelength and pulse durations from fs to ns
Theobald, J.; Mayerhofer, R.; Großer, S.; Harney, R.; Schneider, A.
Conference Paper
2013Study on microstructure and sample modification of laser ablation processes
Großer, S.; Werner, M.; Meyerhofer, R.; Theobald, J.; Hagendorf, C.
Poster, Conference Paper