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2011Overview on solar thermal plus heat pump systems and review of monitoring results
Sparber, W.; Vajen, K.; Herkel, S.; Ruschenburg, J.; Thür, A.; Fedrizzi, R.; D'Antoni, M.
Conference Paper
2009Virtual case study on small solar cooling systems within the SolarCombi+ project
Nienborg, B.; Koch, L.; Wiemken, E.; Troi, A.; Besana, F.; Mugnier, D.; Thür, A.; Clauß, V.; Egilegor, B.; Tsekouras, P.
Conference Paper
2008Unified monitoring procedure and performance assessment for solar assisted heating and cooling systems
Sparber, W.; Thuer, A.; Besana, F.; Streicher, W.; Henning, Hans-Martin
Conference Paper