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2021Influence of Intrinsic Silicon Layer and Intermediate Silicon Oxide Layer on the Performance of Inline PECVD Deposited Boron-Doped TOPCon
Harter, A.; Polzin, J.-I.; Tutsch, L.; Temmler, J.; Hofmann, M.; Moldovan, A.; Feldmann, F.
Journal Article
2019Improved Passivation for SHJ Utilizing Dual Intrinsic a-Si:H Layers on an Inline PECVD Tool
Bodlak, Lara; Temmler, Jan; Moldovan, Anamaria; Rentsch, Jochen
Conference Paper
2019Passivation and Microstructure of Dual Intrinsic a-Si:H Layers for SHJ Solar Cells
Temmler, J.; Bodlak, L.; Moldovan, A.; Bivour, M.; Wolf, A.; Rentsch, J.
Conference Paper
2018Development of an Ozone-Based Inline Cleaning and Conditioning Concept
Fischer, A.; Moldovan, A.; Temmler, J.; Zimmer, M.; Rentsch, J.
Conference Paper
2018Inline PECVD Deposition of Poly-Si-Based Tunnel Oxide Passivating Contacts
Temmler, J.; Polzin, J.-I.; Feldmann, F.; Kraus, L.; Kafle, B.; Mack, S.; Moldovan, A.; Hermle, M.; Rentsch, J.
Journal Article
2017Inline PECVD deposition of a-Si layers for heterojunction solar cells on an industrial scale
Temmler, J.; Moldovan, A.; Putra, D.; Bivour, M.; Rentsch, J.
Conference Paper
2017A new pilot research facility for HJT and selective contact solar cells - PV-TEC SELECT
Rentsch, J.; Bivour, M.; Erath, D.; Feldmann, F.; Fischer, A.; Mack, S.; Moldovan, A.; Temmler, J.; Hermle, M.; Glunz, S.W.; Preu, R.
Conference Paper
2017Recent developments in the industrial silicon heterojunction process chain enabling efficiencies up to 22.7%
Moldovan, A.; Fischer, A.; Temmler, J.; Bivour, M.; Dannenberg, T.; Erath, D.; Lorenz, A.; Sontag, D.; Zhao, J.; Wissen, A.; Clement, F.; Zimmer, M.; Rentsch, J.
Journal Article
2016Atomic Layer Deposited Molybdenum Oxide for the Hole-Selective Contact of Silicon Solar Cells
Bivour, M.; Macco, B.; Temmler, J.; Kessels, W.M.M.; Hermle, M.
Journal Article
2016High work function metal oxides for the hole contact of silicon solar Cells
Bivour, M.; Temmler, J.; Zähringer, F.; Glunz, S.; Hermle, M.
Conference Paper
2016Ozone-Based Surface Conditioning Focused on an Improved Passivation for SHJ Solar Cells
Moldovan, A.; Dannenberg, T.; Temmler, J.; Kroely, L.; Zimmer, M.; Rentsch, J.
Journal Article
2016Ozone-based surface conditioning: Combining excellent surface passivation and industrial feasibility for SHJ solar cells
Moldovan, A.; Fischer, A.; Dannenberg, T.; Temmler, J.; Bivour, M.; Zimmer, M.; Hermle, M.; Rentsch, J.; Adou-Ras, D.; Sonntag, D.; Zhao, J.; Wissen, A.
2015High and Low Work Function Materials for Passivated Contacts
Feldmann, F.; Ritzau, K.-U.; Bivour, M.; Moldovan, A.; Modi, S.; Temmler, J.; Hermle, M.; Glunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2015Molybdenum and tungsten oxide: High work function wide band gap contact materials for hole selective contacts of silicon solar cells
Bivour, M.; Temmler, J.; Steinkemper, H.; Hermle, M.
Journal Article
2014Boron doped a-SiC:H front layers for silicon heterojunction cells
Temmler, J.; Bivour, M.; Steinkemper, H.; Hermle, M.
Conference Paper
2014Doped layer optimization for silicon heterojunctions by injection-level-dependent open-circuit voltage measurements
Bivour, M.; Reusch, M.; Schröer, S.; Feldmann, F.; Temmler, J.; Steinkemper, H.; Hermle, M.
Journal Article