Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Incremental Learning for Dermatological Imaging Modality Classification
Morgado, A.C.; Andrade, C.; Teixeira, L.F.; Vasconcelos, M.J.M.
Journal Article
2020Deep learning models for segmentation of mobile-acquired dermatological images
Andrade, C.; Teixeira, L.F.; Vasconcelos, M.J.M.; Rosado, L.
Conference Paper
2018Nonproliferative and proliferative lesions of the ratand mouse special sense organs(Ocular [eye and glands], olfactory and otic)
Ramos, Meg Ferrell; Baker, Julia F.; Atzpodien, Elke-Astrid; Bach, Ute; Brassard, Jacqueline; Cartwright, James; Farman, Cynthia; Fishman, Cindy; Jacobsen, Matt; Junker-Walker, Ursula; Kuper, Frieke; Moreno, Maria Cecilia Rey; Rittinghausen, Susanne; Schafer, Ken; Tanaka, Kohji; Teixeira, Leandro; Yoshizawa, Katsuhiko; Zhang, Hui
Journal Article
2016User interface design guidelines for smartphone applications for people with Parkinson's disease
Nunes, F.; Silva, P.A.; Cevada, J.; Correia Barros, A.; Teixeira, L.
Journal Article
2014A wide range power cell for modular interleaving supplies
Radecker, M.; Yang, Y.; Nicollini, A.; Le, L.; Lang, K.-D.; Kruse, P.D.; Feistel, K.; Teixeira, L.; Dennstedt, D.; Herfurth, M.
Conference Paper
2013Senior-driven design and development of tablet-based cognitive games
Marques, Joao; Vasconcelos, Ana; Teixeira, Luis
Conference Paper
2012Designing tablet-based games for seniors: The example of CogniPlay, a cognitive gaming platform
Vasconcelos, Ana; Silva, Paula Alexandra; Caseiro, Joao; Nunes, Francisco; Teixeira, Luis F.
Conference Paper
2011An IP based platform for emergency calls and reporting
Rebahi, Y.; Thanh, T.Q.; Tong, M.; Lopez, F.; Lopez, J.M.; Teixeira, L.A.; Blanco, N.
Journal Article