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2015International round-robin study of the thermoelectric transport properties of an n-type half-Heusler compound from 300 K to 773 K
Wang, H.S.; Bai, S.Q.; Chen, L.D.; Cuenat, A.; Joshi, G.; Kleinke, H.; König, J.; Lee, H.W.; Martin, J.; Oh, M.W.; Porter, W.D.; Ren, Z.F.; Salvador, J.; Sharp, J.; Taylor, P.; Thompson, A.J.; Tseng, Y.C.
Journal Article
2004Interconnection of solar powered mini-grids - a case study for Kythnos Island
Degner, T.; Taylor, P.; Rollinson, D.; Neris, A.; Tselepis, S.
Conference Paper
2001Third Communication from the European Community under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
: Eichhammer, W.; Gagelmann, F.; Gardiner, A.; Taylor, P.
1994Combining object-oriented systems and open transaction processing
Taylor, P.; Cahill, W.; Mock, M.
Journal Article