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2021DESED-FL and URBAN-FL: Federated Learning Datasets for Sound Event Detection
Johnson, David S.; Lorenz, Wolfgang; Taenzer, Michael; Mimilakis, Stylianos; Grollmisch, Sascha; Abeßer, Jakob; Lukashevich, Hanna
2021Informing Piano Multi-Pitch Estimation with Inferred Local Polyphony Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
Taenzer, Michael; Mimilakis, Stylianos I.; Abeßer, Jakob
Journal Article
2019Investigating CNN-based Instrument Family Recognition for Western Classical Music Recordings
Taenzer, Michael; Abeßer, Jakob; Mimilakis, Stylianos I.; Weiss, Christof; Müller, Meinard; Lukashevich, Hanna
Conference Paper