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2017Development of an experimentally validated semi-empirical fully-coupled performance model of a PEM electrolysis cell with a 3-D structured porous transport layer
Tabu Ojong, E.; Kwan, J.T.H.; Nouri-Khorasani, A.; Bonakdarpour, A.; Wilkinson, D.P.; Smolinka, T.
Journal Article
2017Model of oxygen bubbles and performance impact in the porous transport layer of PEM water electrolysis cells
Nouri-Khorasani, A.; Tabu Ojong, E.; Smolinka, T.; Wilkinson, D.P.
Journal Article
2015Fundamentals of PEM water electrolysis
Smolinka, T.; Tabu Ojong, E.; Lickert, T.
Book Article
2014Hydrogen production from renewable energies - electrolyzer technologies
Smolinka, T.; Tabu Ojong, E.; Garche, J.
Book Article