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2010Perceptually Based Phoneme Recognition in Popular Music
Szepannek, G.; Gruhne, M.; Bischl, B.; Krey, S.; Harczos, T.; Klefenz, F.; Dittmar, C.; Weihs, C.
Conference Paper
2009Combining Different Auditory Model Based Feature Extraction Principles for Feature Enrichment in Automatic Speech Recognition
Szepannek, G.; Harczos, T.; Klefenz, F.; Weihs, C.
Conference Paper
2009Extending features for automatic speech recognition by means of auditory modelling
Szepannek, G.; Harczos, T.; Klefenz, F.; Weihs, D.
Conference Paper
2008Formant map counterpart in auditory processing based on cochlear pressure wave trajectories
Harczos, T.; Werner, S.; Szepannek, G.
Conference Paper
2007Comparative Evaluation of Successive Cochlear Modeling Stages as Possible Front-Ends for Automatic Speech Recognition
Harczos, T.; Nogueira, W.; Szepannek, G.; Klefenz, F.
Conference Paper
2007Vowel classification by a neurophysiologically parameterized auditory model
Szepannek, G.; Harczos, T.; Klefenz, F.; Katai, A.; Schikowski, P.; Weihs, C.
Conference Paper
2006An auditory model based vowel classification
Harczos, T.; Szepannek, G.; Klefenz, F.; Katai, A.
Conference Paper
2006Feature Extraction for Sound Classification by Means of a Perceptually Motivated Neurophysiologic Parameterized Auditory Model
Harczos, T.; Katai, A.; Klefenz, F.; Schikowski, P.; Szepannek, G.
Conference Paper
2005Schallanalyse: neuronale Repräsentation des Hörvorgangs als Basis
Szepannek, G.; Klefenz, F.; Weihs, C.
Journal Article