Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Deep surface relief grating in azobenzene-containing materials using a low-intensity 532 nm laser
Sakhno, Oksana; Goldenberg, Leonid; Wegener, Michael; Stumpe, Joachim
Journal Article
2018Bragg polarization gratings used as switchable elements in AR/VR holographic displays
Sakhno, Oksana; Gritsai, Yuri; Sahm, Hagen; Stumpe, Joachim; Wegener, Michael
Conference Paper
2018Diffractive optical elements for 3D display architectures: Materials and processing
Sakhno, Oksana; Stumpe, Joachim
2018Fabrication and performance of efficient thin circular polarization gratings with Bragg properties using bulk photo-alignment of a liquid crystalline polymer
Sakhno, Oksana; Gritsai, Yuri; Sahm, Hagen; Stumpe, Joachim
Journal Article
2017Full-polymer cholesteric composites for transmission and reflection holographic gratings
Ryabchun, Alexander; Sakhno, Oksana; Stumpe, Joachim; Bobrovsky, Alexey
Journal Article
2012Enhancement of QDs photoluminescence by localized surface plasmon effect of Au-NPs
Heydari, Esmaeil; Greco, Tonino; Stumpe, Joachim
Conference Paper
2012Laser component e.g. dye laser, for use in optical communication field, has optical grating that serves over entire length of surface of substrate, where grating and medium together posses function of distributed feedback laser component
Döring, Sebastian; Kollosche, Matthias; Stumpe, Joachim; Kofod, Guggi