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2012Examining subjective evaluation methods used in multimedia Quality of Experience research
Kunze, K.; Strohmeier, D.
Conference Paper
2011Source and channel coding recipes for mobile 3D television
Gotchev, A.; Strohmeier, D.; Mueller, K.; Akar, G.B.; Petrov, V.
Conference Paper
2010"Sharp, bright, three-dimensional" - Open profiling of quality for mobile 3DTV coding methods
Strohmeier, D.; Tech, G.
Conference Paper
2009Free Choice Profiling and Natural Grouping as Methods for the Assessment of Emotions in Musical Audio Signals
Schneider, S.; Raschke, F.; Gatzsche, G.; Strohmeier, D.
Conference Paper
2009Mobile 3D television: Development of core technological elements and user-centered evaluation methods toward an optimized system
Gotchev, A.; Smolic, A.; Jumisko-Pyykkö, S.; Strohmeier, D.; Akar, G.B.; Merkle, P.; Daskalov, N.
Conference Paper
2008Adaptive fluidic PDMS-lens with integrated piezoelectric actuator
Schneider, F.; Eberhard, D.; Strohmeier, D.; Müller, C.; Wallrabe, U.
Conference Paper
2008Digital holography with arbitrary temporal phase-shifts and multiple wavelengths for shape measurement of rough surfaces
Carl, D.; Fratz, M.; Strohmeier, D.; Giel, D.M.; Höfler, H.
Conference Paper
2008Digitale Mehrwellenlängen-Holographie für die schnelle optische Inline Qualitätskontrolle
Strohmeier, D.; Carl, D.; Fratz, M.; Giel, D.; Höfler, H.
Journal Article