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2020Postmetallization "Passivated Edge Technology" for Separated Silicon Solar Cells
Baliozian, P.; Al-Akash, M.; Lohmüller, E.; Richter, A.; Fellmeth, T.; Münzer, A.; Wöhrle, N.; Saint-Cast, P.; Stolzenburg, H.; Spribille, A.; Preu, R.
Journal Article
2019Edge Recombination Analysis of Silicon Solar Cells Using Photoluminescence Measurements
Stolzenburg, H.; Fell, A.; Schindler, F.; Kwapil, W.; Richter, A.; Baliozan, P.; Schubert, M.C.
Conference Paper
2019Extracting Metal and Edge Recombination Parameters which are Compatible with Multi-Dimensional Cell Simulations
Saint-Cast, P.; Herrmann, D.; Baliozan, P.; Stolzenburg, H.; Höffler, H.; Fell, A.
Conference Paper
2019PERC-Based Shingled Solar Cells and Modules at Fraunhofer ISE
Baliozian, P.; Klasen, N.; Wöhrle, N.; Kutter, C.; Stolzenburg, H.; Münzer, A.; Saint-Cast, P.; Mittag, M.; Lohmüller, E.; Fellmeth, T.; Al-Akash, M.; Kraft, A.; Heinrich, M.; Richter, A.; Fell, A.; Neuhaus, H.; Preu, R.
Journal Article