Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Integrierte Photovoltaik - Aktive Flächen für die Energiewende
Wirth, H.; Vehse, M.; Rau, B.; Peibst, R.; Colsmann, A.; Stephan, A.; Lechner, P.
Conference Paper
2018Plant-made salmonella bacteriocins salmocins for control of salmonella pathovars
Schneider, Tobias; Hahn-Löbmann, Simone; Stephan, Anett; Schulz, Steve; Giritch, Anatoli; Naumann, Marcel; Kleinschmidt, Martin; Tusé, Daniel; Gleba, Yuri
Journal Article
2018Simple Purification of Nicotiana benthamiana-Produced Recombinant Colicins
Stephan, A.; Hahn-Löbmann, S.; Rosche, F.; Buchholz, M.; Giritch, A.; Gleba, Y.
Journal Article
2016IsoQC (QPCTL) knock-out mice suggest differential substrate conversion by glutaminyl cyclase isoenzymes
Becker, A.; Eichentopf, R.; Sedlmeier, R.; Waniek, A.; Cynis, H.; Koch, B.; Stephan, A.; Bäuscher, C.; Kohlmann, S.; Hoffmann, T.; Kehlen, A.; Berg, S.; Freyse, E.J.; Osmand, A.; Plank, A.C.; Rossner, S.; Hörsten, S. von; Graubner, S.; Demuth, H.U.; Schilling, S.
Journal Article
2015Predicting potential protein-protein binding sites as pattern generator for further biological experiments
Jaeger, C.; Stephan, A.; Schilling, S.; Buchholz, M.
2000Advances in flavor research
Steinhart, H.; Stephan, A.; Bücking, M.
Journal Article
2000Flavour release from different matrices
Steinhart, H.; Stephan, A.; Bücking, M.; Luger, A.
Conference Paper
2000Novel analytical tools for food flavours
Stephan, A.; Bücking, M.; Steinhart, H.
Journal Article
1999Novel analytical tools for food flavours
Steinhart, H.; Bücking, M.; Stephan, A.
Conference Paper
1996Crash behaviour of lightweight structure materials. Deep drawing sheet materials and simple metallic foam -FRP- design structures at dynamic loading conditions
Pannkoke, K.; Hop, R.; Templin, C.; Brede, M.; Stephan, A.; Hennemann, O.-D.
Conference Paper
1996On the springback-effect of CFRP-stringers. An experimental, analytical and numerical analysis
Stephan, A.; Schwinge, E.; Müller, J.; Öry, H.
Conference Paper