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1993A controllable mechanism of forming extremely low-resistance nonalloyed ohmic contacts to group III-V compound semiconductors
Stareev, G.; Kunzel, H.; Dortmann, G.
Journal Article
1993Formation of extremely low resistance Ti/Pt/Au ohmic contacts to p-GaAs
Stareev, G.
Journal Article
1993Tunneling behavior of extremely low resistance nonalloyed Ti/Pt/Au contacts to n(p)-InGaAs and n-InAs/InGaAs
Stareev, G.; Kunzel, H.
Journal Article
1991A reliable fabrication technique for very low resistance ohmic contacts to p-InGaAs using low energy Ar+ ion beam sputtering
Stareev, G.; Umbach, A.; Fidorra, F.; Roehle, H.
Conference Paper