Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Changing cell mechanics - a precondition for malignant transformation of oral squamous carcinoma cells
Meinhövel, F.; Stange, R.; Schnauß, J.; Sauer, M.; Käs, J.A.; Remmerbach, T.W.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018MRI assessment of changes in adipose tissue parameters after bariatric surgery
Lehmann, S.; Linder, N.; Retschlag, U.; Schaudinn, A.; Stange, R.; Garnov, N.; Dietrich, A.; Oberbach, A.; Kahn, T.; Busse, H.
Journal Article
2017Actin and microtubule networks contribute differently to cell response for small and large strains
Kubitschke, H.; Schnauß, Jörg R.; Nnetu, Kenechukwu David; Warmt, Enrico; Stange, Roland; Käs, Josef A.
Journal Article
2017Optical stretching in continuous flows
Morawetz, E.W.; Stange, R.; Kießling, T.R.; Schnauß, J.; Käs, J.A.
Journal Article