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2018Digitalized glass optics production
Staasmeyer, J.-H.; Liu, G.; Dambon, O.
Conference Paper
2018Scalability of the precision glass molding process for an efficient optics production
Liu, G.; Staasmeyer, J.-H.; Grunwald, T.; Dambon, O.
Conference Paper
2016Precision glass molding of complex shaped chalcogenide glass lenses for IR applications
Staasmeyer, J.-H.; Wang, Y.; Liu, G.; Dambon, O.; Klocke, F.
Conference Paper
2016Precision glass molding: Cost efficient production of glass-optics with spectral range from 180nm ultraviolet to 13μm thermal infrared
Staasmeyer, J.-H.; Kreilkamp, H.; Dambon, O.; Klocke, F.
Conference Paper
2015Fused-silica mirror substrates with laser-microstructured openings with reduced chipping
Esser, D.; Staasmeyer, J.-H.; Weitenberg, J.; Rußbüldt, T.; Sartorius, T.; Hoffmann, H.-D.
Conference Paper