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2019Low friction of metallic multilayers by formation of a shear-induced alloy
Cihan, E.; Störmer, H.; Leiste, H.; Stüber, M.; Dienwiebel, M.
Journal Article
2008Structural and chemical properties of nanocrystalline La0.5Sr0.5CoO3-delta layers on yttria-stabilized zirconia analyzed by transmission electron microscopy
Dieterle, L.; Bach, D.; Schneider, R.; Störmer, H.; Gerthsen, D.; Guntow, U.; Ivers-Tiffee, E.; Weber, A.; Peters, C.; Yokokawa, H.
Journal Article
2001Competition of spruce trees for substrates of microbial N2O-production and -emission in a forest ecosystem
Rennenberg, H.; Stoermer, H.; Weber, P.; Daum, M.; Papen, H.
Journal Article