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2012In vivo imaging of immunotoxin treatment using Katushka-transfected A-431 cells in a murine xenograft tumour model
Pardo, A.; Stöcker, M.; Kampmeier, F.; Melmer, G.; Fischer, R.; Thepen, T.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2009Recombinant bispecific single chain antibody fragments induce Fc gamma-receptor-mediated elimination of CD30(+) lymphoma cells
Ranft, K.; Thepen, T.; Fischer, R.; Barth, S.; Stöcker, M.
Journal Article
2009Targeted restoration of down-regulated DAPK2 tumor suppressor activity induces apoptosis in hodgkin lymphoma cells
Tur, M.K.; Neef, I.; Jost, E.; Galm, O.; Jäger, G.; Stöcker, M.; Ribbert, M.; Osieka, R.; Klinge, U.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2008Eukaryotic expression and secretion of EGFP-labeled annexin A5
Stöcker, M.; Pardo, A.; Hetzel, C.; Reutelingsperger, C.; Fischer, R.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2008Granzyme B-H22(scFv), a human immunotoxin targeting CD64 in acute myeloid leukemia of monocytic subtypes
Stahnke, B.; Thepen, T.; Stöcker, M.; Rosinke, R.; Jost, E.; Fischer, R.; Tur, M.K.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2007Immunodetection of Venturia inaequalis ascospores with phage antibodies
Ribbert, M.; Wolters, A.; Barth, S.; Stöcker, M.; Schaeffer, A.; Fischer, R.; Finnern, R.
Journal Article
2006In contrast to specific B cells, human basophils are unaffected by the toxic activity of an allergen toxin due to lack of internalization of immunoglobulin E-bound allergen
Wicklein, D.; Stöcker, M.; Klockenbring, T.; Huhn, M.; Wodrich, M.; Haas, H.; Becker, W.-M.; Barth, S.; Petersen, A.
Journal Article
2005Antigen-specific targeting and elimination of EBV-transformed B cells by allergen toxins
Stöcker, M.; Klockenbring, T.; Huhn, M.; Nachreiner, T.; Wicklein, D.; Petersen, A.; Bauer, R.; Goerlich, R.; Fischer, R.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2005Constraint-orientierte und personalisierbare generische Gesichtsmodelle
Stöcker, M.
2004Antigen-specific targeting and elimination of EBV-transformed B cells by allergen-toxins
Klockenbring, T.; Stöcker, M.; Huhn, M.; Petersen, A.; Bauer, R.; Goerlich, R.; Fischer, R.; Barth, S.
Conference Paper
2004m22(scFv)-ETA', a new recombinant anti-CD64 immunotoxin for specific elimination of AML cells
Tur, M.K.; Huhn, M.; Thepen, T.; Stöcker, M.; Krohn, R.; Vogel, S.; Jost, E.; Osieka, R.; Winkel, J.G. van de; Fischer, R.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2003The recombinant anti-EGF receptor immunotoxin 425(scFv)-ETA' suppresses growth of a highly metastatic pancreatic carcinoma cell line
Bruell, D.; Stöcker, M.; Huhn, M.; Redding, N.; Küpper, M.; Schumacher, P.; Paetz, A.; Bruns, C.J.; Haisma, H.J.; Fischer, R.; Finnern, R.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2003Secretion of functional anti-CD30 angiogenin immunotoxins into the supernatant of transfected 293T cells
Stöcker, M.; Tur, M.K.; Sasse, S.; Krüßmann, A.; Barth, S.; Engert, A.
Journal Article
2001An anti-GD2 single chain Fv selected by phage display and fused to Pseudomonas exotoxin A develops specific cytotoxic activity against neuroblastoma derived cell lines
Tur, M.K.; Sasse, S.; Stöcker, M.; Djabelkhir, K.; Huhn, M.; Matthey, B.; Gottstein, C.; Engert, A.; Barth, S.
Journal Article